Smart visualization
of local machine data

Instant information about the condition, performance and key values of your machine
via Ewon Flexy.

Your machine data stay where they belong. Local!

To keep track of your machine(s) and have the current status at hand at any time, we have developed the machine KPI dashboard based on Ewon Flexy.

A dashboard that you can design and use yourself within a very short time. On this dashboard we display your local machine data. You have access from any place in the world. You decide which device you want to use.

No machine data is transferred to a cloud. Your machine data stays where it belongs. At the machine!

We do not replace. We grade up!

The machine KPI dashboard is of course not a replacement for your HMI visualization or an in-house SCADA system. We extend your Ewon Flexy hardware, with a very smart part. Already installed systems can be retrofitted with the visualization in a few minutes and with minimal effort.

Every Ewon Flexy can be used for this purpose. Read data from almost any controller without having to adapt the controller itself and the programming.

Also visit us at to learn more about our dashboard visualization and also contact us directly.


Why is Ewon Flexy the hardware base?

Justified question. But it’s quite simple: hardly any other industrial device can be used so flexibly and can read data from so many different controllers as Ewon Flexy. At the same time, the distribution of Ewon devices worldwide, virtually the market leader, is an important point for the worldwide use of the dashboard.

VISUALYS has a very good connection to the whole Ewon team in Belgium and of course uses the knowledge of the hardware experts here. Together with our German partner Wachendorff, which has been a partner of Ewon (now HMS Networks) for more than 15 years, we have worked on the development of this dashboard.

In addition to pure remote maintenance, Ewon Flexy can do much more. Data recording, data processing, integrated web server, communication with different controllers, one of the best VPN remote maintenance portals on the market, and much more. Only the visualization has been missing (until now).

Since 2021 VISUALYS is also HMS Solution Partner, which makes us really proud. You can only become a partner if you develop solutions for HMS products and of course adhere to the guidelines.

Mobile use? But of course!

We use our smartphones and tablets every day. In private use, it is almost impossible to imagine life without them. So why not use them to keep an eye on our machines and systems?

During the development of the dashboard, we made sure that the dashboard loads very quickly and adapts optimally to the device used. Better known as Responsive Design.

Using Ewon & Talk2M technology, you have easy and quick access to the visualization of your plant without having to install an app on your smartphone.

Try it out? Simply scan the QR code with your smartphone

Your alarm center

Each Ewon Flexy has as standard the possibility to send alarms. These alarms are of course also logged and displayed in the web interface of the device.

But what if you don’t want to give your customer direct access to one of your devices, but still want to give him an overview of upcoming or past alarms? Then simply use the alarm overview within the dashboard.

You don’t have to configure anything. Just activate it. We display exactly what Ewon Flexy provides us. Only more beautiful and smarter.

More features

Language Manager

We already offer the Dashboard and Designer in many languages. But only you know how to name a machine part in a certain language. So you simply do the translations yourself in our language manager.

Dark- & Lightmode

Sometimes it depends on which background your data is presented. We know it from many areas: the dark & light mode. You decide what you like better or where your data is more readable.


Each dashboard gets a unique code, through which you can recall your dashboard at any time in the design phase. Over 2 billion possible combinations. Quickly share with customers, colleagues and partners.

The key: The Dashboard Designer

Data import

Drag and drop to your data

Somehow the data of your machine or your PLC has to get into the dashboard. For this purpose we use the Ewon Tags. Tags are connected to a fixed address in your Ewon Flexy. We read data directly from your controller via Ewon Flexy and can display it in the dashboard. You define which data to read from your controller. No one else.

You don’t have an Ewon Flexy device yet and still want to work with the Designer? No problem at all. In each dashboard we give you 10 demo tags. So you can try everything and later import your tags and link them to the widgets.


A constantly growing widget library

A dashboard is all about smart and, most importantly, clear visualization of your machine data. You know best how to immediately see if any of your values are out of whack. Simply select a suitable widget.

In the designer, each widget is explained again. If you do not find the right widget, please contact us. Maybe we can help you with a custom development.


Customizing your widgets

Nobody knows your plant better than you. Even our widgets can only display what you set. So simply customize each widget as you see fit. This starts with uniquely assigning widget names to customizing the color, limits or units.

Via widget customization, you also assign Ewon tags to the appropriate widget. Some widgets can even display up to 3 Ewon tags. These include, for example, the Line & Area chart but also the Pie and Donut chart.

Thanks to the integrated live preview, you can immediately see which change you are making. Thus, there is also no manual to the dashboard for Ewon Flexy. 


Customizing at its best

Let’s face it: no one wants the VISUALYS logo in their dashboard. Then just replace it with your own logo or that of your customers. Additionally, you have the option to choose different logos for different scenarios: Desktop application or mobile use.

Want to customize the dashboard to match your clients’ corporate identity? Certain colors, certain fonts? No problem. Contact us!

The VISUALYS Generator Engine

Generate Dashboard. Anyone can do that!

Let’s start simple. With the FREE Dashboard (that means up to 4 widgets) you are able to generate and download your own dashboard yourself. All you need is the serial number of your Ewon Flexy. Then it takes about 60 seconds and you will be offered a small file for download, which contains your dashboard.

For the Smart and Rocket packages, the VISUALYS team is still working on the controls. We will check your configuration once again and then create your suitable dashboard.

In a moment you will see an overview of the available packages.

The right package for everyone



one-time per device/runtime
  • Up to 4 widgets
  • Up to 1 group
  • Neutral IC
  • Ewon Alarm List
  • Direct Download



one-time per device/runtime
  • Up to 12 widgets
  • Up to 2 groups
  • Customers Logo
  • Neutral CI
  • Ewon Alarm List
  • Direct Download via Voucher



one-time per device/runtime
  • Up to 48 widgets
  • Up to 4 groups
  • Customers Logo
  • Customers CI
  • Ewon Alarm List
  • Direct Download via Voucher

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