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We Create Data Awareness

Welcome to the home of modern & smart web-based software solutions for industrial use.

Discover Dashboard4Ewon, a local machine data visualization for Ewon Flexy. For global data collection, storage, and visualization, we offer the VISUALYS IIoT platform – a no-code solution, ready to use in minutes. Effortlessly connect almost any hardware with our VISUALYS Cloud Connect solution and integrate it with many other IIoT platforms.

All VISUALYS solutions follow the same rules.

We simplify the complicated

Easy to use

Our software solutions must be easy to use. If the explanation takes longer than the use, we have done something wrong.

Mobile Use

Smartphones & tablets have become our daily partners. So why not in the industry as well? We make sure that our solutions can of course also be used on the move.

No Installation

We are convinced that software solutions must also do without installations. Thus, it does not matter which end device with which operating system you use.

VISUALYS Smart Solutions
For Smart People.

Mit der Rilheva IoT Plattform erfassen wir innerhalb kürzester Zeit, Daten von all Ihren Maschinen und stellen Ihnen diese schnell, einfach und modern zur Verfügung.

No Code IIoT Platform

The global monitoring of machines & plants, but also the overview of energy consumption in different areas becomes more and more important. With our VISUALYS IIoT platform we offer you a ready-to-use platform to visualize data of all your systems in a few minutes.

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In seconds to any cloud

Bring all your devices to the cloud. Almost every meter, controller, sensor, automation device speaks Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP. If this is the case, we will bring your device incl. the collected data to the cloud within the shortest possible time! With us you can even use Modbus TCP & Modbus RTU at the same time.

Bring Me to VISUALYS Cloud Connect
Dashboard4Ewon, die wohl modernste und attrakticste Visualisierung für alle von Ewon Flexy erfassten Daten.
Dashboard4Ewon, einzige und modernste Visualisierung für Ewon Daten

Local Machine Data Visualization

Visualizing additional machine data on site is no problem with the Dashboard4Ewon solution. If you already use the Ewon Flexy hardware, you can use our web-based visualization to visualize your machine data at any time, even remotely. Read & control your systems incl. alarm management. A simple and fast solution for every Ewon Flexy – no matter if new or already installed.

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Dashboard4Ewon, einzige und modernste Visualisierung für Ewon Daten

Web & App Development

There is a solution for every problem. But often these software solutions are not solvable by everyone. We are also happy to take on smaller projects that are not profitable for other software companies. We develop exclusively web-based and app-based solutions for our customers. For this we use the latest and newest technologies.

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App und Web Entwicklung sind genau unser Ding. Dafür steht VISUALYS: