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web- & app-based software

VISUALYS GmbH is a software company founded in July 2019. We focus on the development, integration, and consulting of software around the topics of Industry 4.0, SmartData, and IIoT for the machine builder and machine operator.

With Wachendorff Prozesstechnik GmbH & Co. KG, as one of the leading suppliers of industrial remote maintenance solutions, operator panels & panel PCs, and gateways, we quickly realized that customers are becoming increasingly demanding in terms of data visualization and analysis over time.

Based on this, we at VISUALYS deal exclusively with the topics of data analysis and visualization of machine data using the latest technologies.

Together with our Italian partner Xeo4, VISUALYS, offers the Rilheva solution, probably the easiest-to-use IIoT platform for small and medium-sized machine builders.

Xeo4 brings more than 15 years of experience in development and technology around IIoT technologies.

With Dashboard4Ewon, we created a solution to visualize local machine data in a modern, performant and charming way. The latest web technologies were used for this. Only what is fun to use will be used later on. This solution is used for local machine data visualization. So if you don’t want to transfer your data to the cloud, this is your way.

On the other hand, we offer a hardware-independent IIoT platform for small and medium-sized companies. The clear advantage here is simplicity and time savings. No need to spend months or years developing your own solution, no need to look for specialists or experts to deal with your machine data.

Our core competence is data visualization and data analysis. Our specialists come from the fields of web development, data analysis, and automation technology for mechanical engineering. We speak your language.

With Dashboard4Ewon (a Machine-KPI-Dashboar, we have already created a way to present the most important and relevant machine data in a meaningful way at a glance.

Contrary to other software solutions, you can design the Dashboard4Ewon solution without special programming knowledge. Our Machine-KPI-Dashboard quickly brings light into the darkness.

We focus. Even if this is not always easy with all the new and interesting topics that arise daily around Industry 4.0, SmartData and IIoT.