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Web & App Development

The right software solution is not always available.
Ask us. Maybe we have just the right one for you.

We have specialized in the development of web and app-based software solutions from the very beginning. We believe that software in the future no longer needs to be installed on a hardware on site and thus then there is a dependence on the operating system used. Today, software must be flexible in use and agile in further development.

Whether it is the development of an app to configure industrial encoders via NFC technology or the possibility to monitor tank levels worldwide in Apple style.

We are also happy to take on social projects. We were supported in the beginning, so we also like to support.

VISUALYS always works
with the latest technologies

Die VISUALYS Systeme basieren auf AWS Diensten.
Unser Rilheva IOT Plattform läuft auf Systemen unseres Partners Microsoft.

Let us do the job

Wir entwickeln neben Standardsoftware natürlich auch Apps für unterschiedliche industrielle Applikationen. Für Wachendorff Automation hat die VISUALYS eine App entwickelt, die mittels NFC Technologie Drehgeber im Versandkarton konfiguriert.

Modern app development

We are specialists in web development for the industry. But besides that, we also develop apps for Apple, Android and Huawei operating systems. Of course, our service also includes the further development and maintenance of this app, as well as the regular updates and uploads to the associated app stores.

We were already allowed to develop a visualization solution for one of the largest German heating contractors as well as an app for the configuration of industrial encoders via NFC.

What are your requirements? Do you have ideas, but no one who can implement them? Then get in touch with us. Maybe we are the right people for you.

Cutting-edge web development

We are specialists in the field of web development. Starting with the web-based configuration for your industrial hardware up to the visualization of your tanks in Applestyle. We have solved several projects that were not interesting enough for other software vendors.

We work very close to the hardware and therefore often have direct access to the interfaces of your solution. Example Ewon: Here we have full access to the device and can offer you special solutions tailored to you and your needs.

Our team of software developers is also very happy to work intensively with your development. Contact us, maybe we can help you exactly where the problem is.

App und Web Entwicklung sind genau unser Ding. Dafür steht VISUALYS:
Soziale Projekte nehmen wir natürlich auch gerne an. Der Lions Club Rheingau ließ von VISUALYS einen digitalen Adventskalender entwickeln.

Social responsibility

Every now and then, when time allows, we also take on social projects and support companies that do social work. For example, we currently support the Lions Club with the creation of an online Christmas calendar, where thousands of euros are collected every year for needy people, social institutions and other projects.

We are proud to be able to make a small contribution here with our team.

Could we be the right ones for you?

Let’s talk about your development needs!