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Teamwork makes the dream work

VISUALYS consists of a small but fine team of specialists & generalists. We love our job and want to give our customers the chance to make complicated things simple.

Our origin is the Rheingau. Our home is the industrial world. Step by step we have developed from a software start-up to a serious provider of web-based software solutions for the industry.

Meet The Gang

No success without team spirit. We always try to do our work with fun, but a lot of professionalism. Our customers are in the foreground. For this we have from all areas, the right individuals on board.


Web Development & Product Specialist Dashboard4Ewon

After his studies, Timo directly became part of our team. With his quick grasp of things and his clear and structured manner, he fits perfectly into the team. That's what we need. Someone who keeps track of things while the rest of us like to digress a bit. Timo is fully immersed in the topic. Web development is his thing. He recognizes the trends, follows the developments on the market and always stays up-to-date.


Web Development & Product Specialist IIoT Platform

Daniel has been on board since the first line of code. Actually, long before we founded our startup. He could also be our "development psychologist". He questions every idea. He thinks two steps ahead without us even knowing what the next step might be. He always puts himself in the position of the user. His best quality: simply thinking outside the box.


App Development

That's Joshua. We call him Josh. Josh is our App master. He knows more about Apps than anybody else on our team. Through Josh, we can create customized app solutions for our customers. Right now he is working on an App to install & set up industrial encoders with the interface you prefer.
Besides that Josh also owns his own logistic company - delivering packages by bike - you see: he cares about our environment.



Robert brings one thing for sure: Experience. The whole team benefits from this and from his farsightedness as managing director of other companies. Many years as a partner in mechanical engineering have moved Robert to found VISUALYS together with his team. Together we discuss, together we make decisions. This works, because Robert knows who he has brought on board.


Business Development

Sascha brings many years of experience in product management, international sales and marketing to our start-up. He turns muddled ideas into concrete plans and is our number 1 contact person for the topics IIoT, SmartData and Industry 4.0. In summary: He is our VISUALYS compass.



Isabell is our online marketing specialist. She takes care of our Google Ads, SEO, Newsletters & Co. She is also working for our German partner Wachendorff Prozesstechnik GmbH & Co. KG, but sometimes she supports VISUALYS with her knowledge of Online marketing and general marketing skills.
We are really happy to have Isabell on board.



Max is our newest member of the team. He is a dual student and is currently studying at the IU in Mainz. He will be trained in our team for the next 3 years. Practice makes perfect. Maybe you will see Max at one or the other event.


Feel Good Management

Boogie is not just our Feelgood Manager. He is a motivator, a cuddler and a really creative guy. He sees our developments from a completely different perspective. His best quality: If you're down, he pulls you up and lifts your spirits. Not only in our start-up, but also in all related areas.
Table soccer level: As long as the ball is rolling, he's already having fun!

Do you want to be
a part of the gang?

We are always looking for talented people who live and love our philosophy. Together we can achieve a lot. Even if we don’t have any open positions, just apply to join us. Maybe you are exactly the person we are looking for!

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